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It was a total pleasure having you in (our) class, giving your analysis, and making us all think a little deeper. In a word, Respect!

— Loteh Okafor MS, MD, president, Loken Enterprises, LLC

“TAFI© helped our Team achieve the ‘next level’ of customer service.Our ability to book solid appointments has increased markedly, resulting in a significant increase in production and treatment acceptance. Equally important, getting these first-time callers to become patients has vastly increased the return on our marketing investment.”

— William McCune, DDS, Creekside Dental

TAFI has been great for us because it’s structured but not scripted. This is great because my Team loves to ‘color inside the lines,’ but not be told what color to use! They [simply] follow the structure and know they’re conveying the message I want them to, while authentically communicating as themselves.
On a personal note, I love the information you share on the basics of communication and how new skills are learned. That has allowed me to be a better teacher and supporter of others in the learning process.

— Daniel Roberts DDS, North Ottawa Dental Services

“Your service is absolutely great!  What an eye opener!!!  Thank you for offering us the opportunity to realize that our most important channel of communication with patients was broken! What you did for us is priceless!”

— Farideh Daftary, DDS, Art of Modern Dentistry, Chicago, IL

“My Team and I are happy to have you as our Motivator and Trainer!”

— Mark Amidei, DDS & Ira Shapira, DDS, Delany Dental Care/IHateCPAP!

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