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If your practice is engaged in external marketing,  you may receive as many as 100 or more calls every month from people interested in learning about you and your practice, and who are ‘on the fence’ in terms of whether to  make an appointment.

Even if your practice performs no external marketing, it will, in an average month, receive eight to twelve calls from people who are on that same  fence.

According to a study performed by Advanced Practice Management of Edina, Minnesota, the average lifetime value of a patient is now* close to $10,000.  Even if you cut that in half, it means that every missed opportunity to schedule an appointment with a first-time caller is costing your practice $5,000 in foregone production.

Doesn’t it just make good business sense to equip your team with everything it needs to convert these callers into solid patient appointments, especially when it costs so little to do it?

Prepare to transform your Team into

Master Telephone Communicators!

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    *Based on the fact the original study was performed in the mid nineties

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