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The Art of First Impressions – Medical Practice

What’s the most valuable instrument in your medical practice?

If you answered the telephone, you’re right!

The Art Of First Impressions© is a collaboration between Dr. Bill Blatchford, president of Blatchford Solutions, and Daniel A. ‘Danny’ Bobrow, MBA, president of AIM Marketing.

Dr. Blatchford has, since 1990, coached thousands of practices, including many of the top producing practices, throughout North America, and is an internationally sought-after speaker.

Mr. Bobrow and AIM Marketing have, since 1989, helped thousands of practices “take aim” with their marketing by implementing cost-effective and image-conscious marketing and patient communications strategies.

Bill and Danny have learned that, when a practice implements an effective medical marketing plan, ‘getting the phone to ring’ is a relatively simple matter.  However, what happens after the phone rings is just as important as getting it to ring in the first place, and it is the potential for a ‘disconnect’ at this crucial point in the patient-practice relationship that The Art of First Impressions is created to address.

Bill and Danny take you, step by step, through the process to becoming a Master Telephone Communicator.

Because the keys to effective learning include repetition and coaching, The Art of First Impressions includes sample call recordings and exercises for you to practice your newfound skills, and even a full year of quarterly updates to increase and reinforce your learning.

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