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July Call Analysis and Recommendations

Caller immediately took control of the call.  Not really because he wanted to.  His personality did not seem particularly forceful.  It was more a matter of the call handler not applying the skill for (re)gaining control of the call.  Following the greeting, the call... Read more »

June Call Analysis and Recommendations

3 rings before answer, which is the maximum number of rings consistent with prompt, courteous service. Greeting:  Pretty Good. The greeting is your opportunity to set the tone for the entire call. Empathy:  The call handler pretty much missed every opportunity to show... Read more »

May Call Analysis and Recommendations

Call answered after 3 rings, which is at outer range of acceptable. Good enthusiasm and communication. Call handler matched pace and energy of the caller well. Good rapport and energy Upbeat Nice ending, used caller’s name. Using a strong greeting and ending form the... Read more »

April Call Analysis and Recommendations

Call answered after two rings (okay) Pay attention to your pacing with and listening to callers. This call handler needs to allow time for callers to complete their sentences, so they not only know they are heard, but feel respected. Interrupting a caller in mid... Read more »

March Call Analysis and Recommendations

One ring before answered: Good The call handler competently scheduled the appointment, yet missed the opportunity to ‘connect’ with the caller, opting instead to qualify before selling, that is, identifying needs and offering solutions, to the caller. She also made... Read more »
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