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Oral Systemic Practice Marketing Plan

Your attendance at our webinar entitles you to receive…

  • Practice Situation Assessment

(Sold Separately For $295)

Identifies the building blocks to differentiate my Practice’s Unique Oral Systemic Practice Offering

  • Geo/Demographic Analysis including:
    • Aerial Map depicting carrier routes within a specified radius or street boundaries defining my Service Area
    • Report with dozens of ‘target-rich’ statistics to identify your Ideal Target Audience(s)
    • Competitor Analysis

(Sold Separately For $195)

  • Internet Marketing Performance Assessment (IMPA) including:
    • Website Report Card
    • Competitor and Ranking Analysis
    • Website Marketing Recommendations including:
      • social media
      • on site and ongoing optimization
      • paid search strategies

(Sold Separately For $295)

  • Practice Telecommunications Assessment

(Sold Separately For $295)

  • One Hour Consultation with our President

(Sold Separately For $250)


  • Oral Systemic Practice Marketing Plan presenting Recommendations, Timeline, Budget and R.O.I. Calculator to achieve your practice enhancement objectives.

A combined value of $1330, all for a Requested Investment of only $995

~~Special Webinar Attendee Offer: Only $695!~~
(offer valid through 11-15-12)


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